The Past:Figureline Aesthetics Academy

There were about 500 Medical Aesthetics Doctors with Letter of Credentialing and Privileging of Aesthetics Medical now and rising. If each of the Doctor need at least 5 Assistant , it will be 2500 vacant shortage need to be filled immediately.

With 23 years experience in Beauty Industry ,Figureline already well known brands in nationwide with the dedicated skincare products and etablishing 11 Retails Beauty Salons. There were also about hundred Beauty salon in South East Asia distribution of Figureline dedicated skincare.
At year 2013, Figureline groups management realise the important of education and establish an educational department named Figureline Aesthetics Academy to train the professional practitioner for the Salon.
Figureline Aesthetics Academy was TVET Institute , which was Accredited Centre (Pusat Bertauliah L02488) under JPK (Jabatan Kemahiran Malaysia) system since 2015 to conducts vocational training for students to acquire SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) Certificates.
However, Beauty Industry evolving too fast, trend of transforming the traditional Beauty Salon into cosmetology and then into a Medical Aesthetics cannot be revised. Shortage of the qualified Medical Aesthetics Service Practitioners become the major problem and also an obstacles of industry development. Based on this situation ,Figureline Aesthetics Academy have to be the pioneer to lead the industry in Medical Aesthetics Practitioners training in develop and upgrade the syllabus into the Medical Aesthetics Service to fit industry needs.

We having 30 over Accredited Training Centre nationwide and we are expanding to accept application globally.

The Future:Figureline International College

Minos figureline

From traditional Marketing approach evolving into Digital Marketing Approach were too fast. Currently market shortage thousand and millions of Well-train or skilled Digital Marketer to fill these massive vacant.

We are moving into Industrial 4.0 era. Every industry facing a revolution or even massive revolution. The obsolation of old industry and the born of new industries, new businesses or new tech. However, Educational Institutions react to slow for the born of the new businesses. Some of the new business become high potential and high demand in just a very short period. However the lack of proper educational systems in order to train the qualified and quality industry practitioners become the major obstacles of development of many new industries.
In Beauty industry we are shortage of qualified and quality Medical Aesthetics Service Practitioners become the industry evolving into Medical Aesthetics too fast.
Also, we want to using Digital Commerce and Digital Marketing for local or cross-border e-commerce but we couldn’t found the qualified and well-train personnel to do this.
Based on the situations, philosophy and missions of Figureline International College is to establish the proper educational system to the new rising industry to feed the high human resources demand of these industries. We are constantly expanding, establishing and develop the educational syllabus for the new rising industries based on the industry demands.
In Figureline International College, you can get many of the new rising industry educational training which never ever can found in any Institution in the world. Are you ready to be the well qualified pioneer of specific new rising industry or new rising business? Why not put your future in line with us, we aim for the magnificent future.

Why not commit your future into new-rising industry and be the early bird of the industry.