Figureline Aesthetics Academy provides professional training to train Medical Aesthetics Services professionals.

In recent years aesthetic medical practice has gained popularity and as it is a consumer driven service, the public needs to be protected. The Ministry of Health Malaysia together with the relevant professional bodies have formed a task force to prepare the Guidelines on Aesthetic Medical Practice to govern and monitor aesthetics medical practices.
Aesthetic medical practice is not risk-free as many may perceive. In the pursuit of trying to satisfy the aesthetic desires of patients, practitioners need to be aware of its unacceptable health risks and potential complications.
Based on the situation, the practitioners involved in Medical Aesthetics, the assistance of the Credentials and Privileging Aesthetics Doctors need to be trained professionally to become the professionals involved in the medical aesthetics industry.
Medical Aesthetics graduates

Graduates of Medical Aesthetics specific skill workshops.

Figureline Aesthetics Academy was the Medical Aesthetics Training hub of the Figureline International College to conduct the professional educational and training to train the Medical Aesthetics Assistant of Medical Aesthetics Practitioners.

We trained the Cosmetologists who also be the Assistant of Medical Aesthetics Doctor in Medical Aesthetics Practice.

The Aesthetics Courses we Provided:

1)Diploma in Cosmetology
-Duration:1200 Hours
2)Diploma in Medical Aesthetics Services
-Duration: 2400 Hours
3)Degree (Bsc) in Medical Aesthetics Services
-Duration: 4800 Hours

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Medical Aesthetics Doctors conducts courses to trainees professionally

Below are the list of Knowledge and skill that trainees will learn of the Medical Aesthetics Services Courses.

Chemical peel (superficial)
Intensive Pulse Light

Chemical peel (medium depth)
Botulinum Toxins Injection
Filer Injection (Excluding silicone and fats)
Superficial Sclerotherapy
Lasers for Treating Skin Pigmentations
Lasers for Skin Rejuvenation (including fractional ablative)
Lasers for Hair Removal
Skin tightening procedure: radio-frequency, ultrasound, infrared up to upper dermis

Laser for treating vascular lesions
Chemical Peels (Deep)
Ablative Skin resurfacing Lasers
Hair Transplant
Ultrasound Devices
Tumescent Liposuction

Blepharoplasty: Upper eyelid, Lower eyelid
Breast Implant, Enhancement or Reduction
Brow Lift
Fat Grafting
Implant: Face, Nose and Others
Rhytidectomy Facelift
Mini Lift
Thread Lift