Here are the list of Frequent Asked Questions regarding Cosmetology Courses:

Figureline Aesthetics Academy train Proffesional Aestheticians to fill into high demand vacancy of Industry.

Who can enrolling for Figureline Aesthetics Academy Courses is that any limits?
All our courses open for the Globally enrolment in the age range of 15 years old to 50 years old.We highly welcomed fresh high school graduate.

What Language that Figureline Aesthetics Academy Conducted?
English is the major language. Mandarin and Malay are the sub language for Chinese and Malay learner.
However, all the Medicals, Chemicals, Anatomy and Physiology terms must learn in English.
Regarding the Thesis, it can be done in English, Mandarin or Malay.

Theory Learning of Our Cosmetology course and SKM trainees.

How the Learning Approach?
Our learning divided to 4 major parts:
1)Theoretical Learning-We are very focus and emphasis in theory learning
2)Practical Classes-23 years experience in Cosmetology conduct will train you become excellent cosmetologist.
3)Internship-Gain real time job experience for internship in Beauty Salon
4)Thesis-Candidates for Advance Diploma and Bsc Courses have to complete a dedicated thesis

Can I enrolling for Figureline Aesthetics Academy courses if I really bad in Academic?
Forget about the old schools days. We are fully confidence in Our dedicated training systems can transform you whatever your backgrounds was.

Is That the Courses full time? Part-timer can learn?
Figureline Aesthetics Academy dedicated training systems is flexible to suit any kind of learner.
Our Practical Class Maximum 3 hours and can be scheduled to fit different groups.
Our Theoretical Class conduct in Online Learning methods with Maximum 1 hour every lessons.

Figureline Aesthetics Academy Professor

We are the only Educational Institution provides Bsc Medical Aesthetics Services Courses.

How about the courses durations? How many years to complete?
No worries about the years, our courses duration count in hours whereas:

1)Diploma in Cosmetology
-Duration:1200 Hours (Two semesters)
2)Advance Diploma in Medical Aesthetics Services
-Duration: 2400 Hours (Five semesters)
3)Degree (Bsc) in Medical Aesthetics Services
-Duration: 4800 Hours (Eight semesters)

How about school fees, if not afford to pay the full amount?
No worries about it, school fees pay per semesters, you might already self affordable to pay in the late stages of your studies.

Is that Job Secure after courses?
Cosmetologist is Super high demand in Cosmetology Industry. Medical Aesthetics Assistant is another high demand in every Aesthetics Clinics.

How much Basic Salary can get after graduates?
You can join Figureline International Cosmetologist Club. Club will secure the members getting basic paid in RM1800 in working in any Salons or Clinics.

Is that any Scholarship provided?
You can send your applications to Figureline International Cosmetologist Club.

Is that any hostels provided?
Based on which location you want to study, some location yes, but not every location.

KLCC Beauty Expo

Parts of Our Cosmetology Trainer from nation wide gathered altogether in KLCC Beauty Expo 2018.

Where to begin my studies?
Currently Figureline Aesthetic Academy already having up to 30 accredited centre nationwide in Malaysia, you can learn in the area you feel most suitable for you.

After graduation, is that good enough to establish the own business?
In our training system you already good enough to establish your own Cosmetology or Aesthetics Clinics Business. You are also welcomed to join Figureline International Franchises Systems to established Aesthetics Clinics and Training Centres in any place in the world.