Figureline Aesthetics Academy was JPK Accrediting Centre (Pusat Bertauliah) for the SKM Courses.

Below are the list of All the Frequent Asked Question about SKM:

SKM graduation

The SKM Convocation 2018 !!

What is SKM and DKM?
SKM was the short form of Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (Malaysian Vocational Certification) issue by the JPK (Jabatan Kemahiran Malaysia) TVET Educational Agency under Ministry of Human Resources.
DKM was the short form of Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia.

Is that SKM compulsory for Cosmetology Practitioners?
Of course yes !!
SKM was the only Malaysian Govern Certification to certified your qualification as the Cosmetology Practitioners.
SKM also a guideline for consumer to recognising whether the Cosmetology Practitioners was certified or not.

Cosmetologist (Beautician) in Malaysia must get SKM Certificate to Certified as a Qualified Professional.

Is that any age restriction in taking SKM Certification Course?
Age for the minimum enrolment was 15 years old for SKM Certification. The maximum enrolment age for Our Academy was 50 years old.

Is that everybody can taking SKM Certification Course?
Yes, it open for Malaysian and Non-Malaysian

Why Non-Malaysian needs SKM Certification?
For Non-Malaysian , if you practice as Cosmetologist in future in Malaysia, SKM Certification is compulsory.
On the other hand, SKM Certification were Global Recognition Vocational Qualifications. Now we have about 40 nation government officially recognised SKM Certification. With SKM Certification means you are Global Recognised Qualified and Certified Cosmetology Practitioners.

How SKM Courses Conducted?
All SKM Courses divided to two parts where were Theoretical Learning and Practical Classes. It were 50/50 strong for each learning approach.
While DKM Courses add in the Thesis with Theoretical Learning and Practical Classes as well.

Theory Learning of Our SKM trainees.

Is that need to sit for Examination?
Yes of course, every Levels of SKM and DKM must gone though Final Exam which assess by the PPL, the Assessor assigned by JPK. Trainees must Pass the final exam to getting the Certification.

What happens if failed in the final exam?
Failed of the Theory Exam will having re-sit in the same day. If failed again , have to wait for One years to re-sit the exam.
Failed of the Practical Exam have to wait for One years to re-sit the exam.

Assessor Assesses the Practical Assessment.

How About the Training Hours Require for SKM Courses?
Each Level of SKM taken 1200 hours to fulfil the Training Hours Required.
If you taking two levels, you need 2400 training hours.

What is the Portfolio of SKM Candidates?
Every SKM or DKM trainees must complete each levels Portfolio separately. Portfolio is the Log book as the proven and evidence of the learning.

Core Abilities is very important values for success in future careers.

What is the Core Abilities, is that compulsory?
NCS Z-009 Core Abilities was the compulsory learning for every SKM Trainees. Some Academy may not treat core abilities learning seriously but not us. We very focus and emphasise the teaching of Core Abilities.

Can we getting SKM/DKM certification without learning and examinations?
Sorry , no way!

What is the VTO? Is that every candidates need to acquire VTO?
VTO was the Short form of Vocational Training Officer, it is the key to open the door if you want to become JPK SKM certified Professional Trainer in future.
VTO is optional , however for the Degree of Medical Aesthetics Services Courses, VTO is included.


To become JPK Certified Trainer must accuire VTO certifications.

Can I getting scholarship?
You can apply SKM Tabung(scholarships) via us.
You can also send your applications of scholarship to Figureline International Cosmetologist Club.

What SKM Certification courses provided by Figureline International College?
Currently we provide the SKM courses of:
MP-060-2:2013 Aesthetics Services
MP-060-3:2013 Aesthetics Therapy Services

We are expanding the others SKM Courses constantly, stay tuned with our updates.